A Perilous Run

Drunken Losers

Karma gets you most of the time

Our gang. They don’t have much but they have each other. AHhhhh…lets write a song for ye landlubbers!

Fightn’ in the bar again but this time de ol’ hobbit gets his face kicked in an’ya barely makes it out alive with no break in the neck! But not long afterrrr, someone jumps ye and ye find yerself on board the Wormwood. After seeing the poor bloke keelhauled and havin ‘is body shredded by the barnacles ya begin’ ta reckon’ dat stealling an such, ain’t too good of an idea on Captin Harrigan’s ship.

This is a dangerous place so ya best be keepin yer “Ps” an “Qs” about ya. Stayin’ alive might be harder than ya first thought.



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